Monday, January 24, 2011


There are lots of people on the web showing their cartridge storage ideas - here is mine. I use my Gypsy or Design Studio mostly so I don`t use the overlays and books a lot. I store my carts in three plastic storage buckets in alphabetical order. I store the overlays and books in two Sterlite Snap Lid containers. The folders are cut from office file folders - 2 per folder. The labels are made on the computer. I remove the French and German pages from the books so more books fit per container.
I purchase the cute Cricut backpack on wheels so when I teach classes everything fits nicely in there. It holds all my Cricut carts, my Gypsy and all it`s cords, Cricut colors & gel pens and tool kit.
I am still cleaning and re-arranging my studio. My paper mound is the next stop. If you have any helpful ideas please leave a comment.

Happy Cricut Crafting

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