Sunday, January 17, 2010


I made a New Year's resolution to post more often but apparently 2010 moves as fast as 2009 did. Two weeks have gone by and no post. Exciting news though, I got a Gypsy for Christmas. I must say bravo to Provo Craft this time for having a good user manual unlike when they released Design Studio. I am also excited about having the two cartridges included on the Gypsy. I also just ordered Pagoda & Ashlyn's Alphabet so am eagerly awaiting their arrival.
The base of the wreath is made by cutting a circle within a circle. Using the Center Point button move the blade assembly to the middle of the paper. The LED screen will show 6 by 6. Select circle cut at 6 1/2" size. When the cutting is finished the blade returns to the middle of the circle. Change size to 10", select Repeat Last and Cut. Now you have a base to attach the hearts to. I also cut a base out of a cereal box to give it more strength. I inked the edges of the wreath and added some stamped hearts in the contrasting color. Use as many different heart shapes as you have and layer as much as you want. Embellishments are only limited to your imagination. I hung my wreath with ribbon by putting an eyelet on either side of one heart and knotting the ribbon on the front.

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