Monday, December 14, 2009

Tri-Pocket Cocoa Card

I made a dozen of these fun cards. I had friends over for a Christmas lunch last Wednesday and made these cards for them. They were very impressed. I made a cut file for this just to save time with the cutting. It can be cut by hand just as easy. I just don't like to do all the measuring on each card.

Cut double sided cardstock 8" x 12" and cut out rectangle by Cricut or by hand.

Turn over the 3 1/2" x 12" left over piece to other side and cut out 3 1/2" shadow of Warm Winter Wishes and mat for the verse. Mat is 3 1/2" x 5". Cut 3 1/2" Warm Winter Wishes (not shadow) out of glitter paper. If you don't have WW cart, use any 3 different fonts and cut matching shadows. Adhere words to shadows.

Score along the 12" edge at 3 3/4, 4, 8 & 8 1/4. Turn paper and score at 5 1/2". If cutting by hand, cut out the area between the 3 3/4 & 8 1/4 & 5 1/2 score lines. See picture. Crease all folds and create flaps of the pocket.Cut 2 - 2" bookplates, Shift, shadow #14 using Fabulous Finds. Use a size and shape to fit your stamps. Stamp bookplates and adhere to flaps with brads. Adhere thin tape to the 4 outside edges of the flaps.

Cut 18" of ribbon. Cut slits from 2 1/4" to 2 1/2" on the 3 3/4" & 8 1/4" score lines. Thread ribbon through slits so that the ribbon shows on the inside covering the middle panel. Adhere mat in the middle panel over the ribbon.Tie the ribbon in a bow on the front of the card. Adhere Warm above the ribbon and Winter & Wishes below. Cut out image for the inside right flap - something that matches the paper. Fill the pockets with goodies. A mini glue dot will hold the candy cane in place. Maybe add a Scratch 'n Win ticket!

***Leave a comment and I will email the cut file and pdf file of the verse.


Monday, November 30, 2009

More Christmas Bag Toppers

I was very excited today to see I had my 100th visitor. I would greatly appreciate comments and followers.
Here are my three completed bags. I am very pleased with the outcome. The previous picture did not include the three snowflakes. I cut them from Bazzill Bling and put two on the bag and one on the tag.
I was glad to get the contents for my bags finished and delivered. I made Soup in a Jar, greeting cards and a scallop album.

The scallop album was a M's chipboard album. A very smart person, not me, made a cut.file for it so that made covering the chipboard easy. The large "F" was cut with Mickey Font and the words are stamped on. I distressed all the edges with ink.

I etched the gal's initials on the jars using vinyl. I managed to use the outline repeatedly and just changed the initials. I put a paper cut of the initial inside the jar to use for alignment. The frame and initials are from Storybook.
The greeting cards are packaged in an acrylic box and tied with sheer ribbon. There are six cards in the box.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Christmas Bag Topper

This bag topper is an old idea resurrected to be cut with the Cricut. For Christmas this year I am making "Soup in a Jar" as gifts for about a dozen people and needed a durable way to package them. I will be also be putting other smaller things in the bag. I wanted to be able to cut lots out quickly so it is just the right task for my trusty Cricut. If you leave a comment or and questions concerning the project, with your email address, I will send the cut file. This pattern works on 8" wide by 4 1/2" deep bags from M's.


Use two sheets of co-ordinating paper or two double sided papers of the same design.

If the paper has a directional design, such as words, cut the 12 x 12 into 6 x 12 for the cutting of the scallop fringes and cut it twice. If the paper has an allover non directional pattern, cut once, turn mat and cut again.


Score 1" from all 4 sides on the bag topper. Adhere tape to 4 edges (see red on diagram). Cut where indicated.
Score both longest scallop fringes two bumps from each end. Adhere tape along straight edge in three pieces (this makes folding easier).
Adhere tape to sides and top of short scallop fringe pieces.

On the bag topper mark a line 1/2" from the edge to line the fringe against. Peel only the middle piece of tape on the fringe and attach to the topper. Repeat with the other long piece of fringe.

Remove protective covering on tape on the 4 cut lines on the bag topper. Fold tabs to inside and adhere.

Fold the scallop fringe around all 4 corners and adhere.

Adhere side scallop fringes along the top first and then overlapping the bumps neatly, adhere sides.

Adhere Merry Christmas to front of bag. Put topper on for placement. A little tip for gluing. I use an old phone book. Each time I glue something I flip the page so your work area stays glue free.


On the fringe Screen Shot(fig. 2) where it says name, delete that and put in your own special person. I used Simply Sweet Alphabet and welded it. Make sure it fits the tag. The tag on the bag topper Screen Shot is just extra & smaller. Didn't want to waste paper. After I glued on the name and From:, I outlined them with black pen to make them stand out more.

I will post another picture when I get all the bags done. It is fun experimenting with different colour combinations. Hope you have fun making some of these. I made the soup this weekend to make sure the recipe was good and my husband thought it was delicious. I do nice things like that because he does all the editing of my pictures before I upload them.
Cheers Colleen

Monday, October 12, 2009

Christmas Wreath made with Design Studio

Happy Thanksgiving and welcome to my new blog! This year I am thankful to my DD who helped me set up this blog. After a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner we refocused our attention to what matters most: Cricut creations. In the spirit of the upcoming holiday season, I designed this wreath using Design Studio. The wreath base uses G, the holly sprigs are JS. I think it is a festive design that will grace any mantle or wall, filling your home with Christmas cheer. Now my DD wants one too.

George Wreath Instructions:

1. Select George Cart. Size 8" Zero. Move to center of a 12 x 12 mat.

Copy and paste. The zero line gets darker. In the Shape Properties box select Turn 90. Move 2nd zero so shapes are equal. If the wrong handle on the selection box is selected while moving the zero in place, select Edit, Undo Transformed shapes to correct.

Paste another zero. This places the 3rd zero overtop of the first one. Rotate 45. Apply.

Paste again. Rotate -45. Apply (4th zero)

Preview, the zeros should be coloured. This makes it easier see what needs to be moved around to make the spaces equal.

Weld each zero then Preview again and there should be a solid outline of the wreath. If there is a coloured one that means it isn't welded.

Select Joy of Seasons cart. Size 2 1/2" Shadow - Merry Christmas. Move the words into the center of the wreath so it is slightly overlapping on all sides.

That completes the design. I cut the wreath out of Chocolate Malt Colour Mates. Chalk the edges of the cutouts with dark brown.
Cut 2 1/2" shadow of Merry Christmas - red. Cut 2 1/2" Merry Christmas - gold.
Cut 12 holly (shift, pointsetta)- 2 1/2". Cut 6 & Flip 6

Use glue dots to adhere glitter to berries. Mini lights are adhered with dots also. Add dimension to the holy with foam tape and pop dots (different thicknesses). I used wired ribbon for the bow.
Mount in a 12 x 12 frame (without glass)

Hope you enjoy my design.
Cheers Colleen

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